Capsuleer Skills

New Skills

Drones (Logic)
This skill is used when controlling ship drones. The maximum number of drones that can be controlled is equal to this skills rank.
Default: No
Specializations: Gallente Drones, Caldari Droens, Minmitar Drones, Amarr Drones, Mining Drones, Repair Drones

Aerospace Mechanic (Logic)
Characters with this skill can repair and maintain apcecraft. The proper tools and time are still necessary. See Using Technical Skills to Build or Repair, p. 138.
Default: No
Specializations: Ships by race (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmitar) or by ship class (Frigate, Cruiser, Battleship)

Zero-Gravity Combat (Agility)
Used to fight hand to hand in a weightless environment. Use this skill or the default weapon skill (whichever is LOWER.) – Without this skill any Melee Combat in zero gravity would default to agility.
Default: Yes
Specialization Clubs, Blades, Unarmed Combat

Cloaking (Logic)
This skill is required and is used to operate Cloaking Devices and is used to determine the effectiveness of a cloaking device.
Default: No
Specialization: None

Scanner (Intuition)
This skill is used to locate targets in space. It is required to operate can probe launchers and used to determine the effectiveness of the on-board ship scanner, any scan probes, and when attempting to locate ship signatures.
Default: Yes
Specialization: None

Shield Operation (Logc)
Determines the effectiveness of Shield Modules
Specialization: shield boosters, shield extenders

Repair Systems
Armor Repairing


Warp Drive Operation
Speed at which you go to warp.

High Speed Maneuvering
Required for and affects the use of Microwarp Drives.

Evasive Maneuvering
Acts like a ships dodge skill; works with any ship. (-2 skill level when piloting a Battleship, -1 when piloting a Cruiser.)

Pilot Frigate (Reaction)
Pilot Cruiser (Reaction)
Pilot Battleship (Reaction)
These skills are required to pilot different tiers of each class of starship.

Old Skills (new use)

Gunnery (Agility)
The Gunnery skill governs the use of all vehicle-mounted weapons, whether in mounts, pintles or turrets. This skill includes manual and sensor-enhanced gunnery.
Default: Yes
Specializations: Artillery (And Projectile Turrets), Ballistic (And Hyrbid Turrets), Energy (and Energy Turrets), Missile Launcher Operation

Computer (Logic)
The maximum number of targets you can hold at one time is equal to 1 plus skill rank in Computers.

Electronic Warfare (Logic)
This skill is required and is used to operate Electronic Warfare modules (such as targeting jammers).

Capsuleer Skills

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